Carla Fendi Foundation

For a brilliant friend

Out of the many virtues that have contributed to Lina Wertmüller’s unconditional success in the United States, her love for Italy and for the Italian spirit were a determining factor. Indeed her films and the entirety of her artistic production are the result of an authentic passion for all the typical things that make up the soul of her Country; with her imagination she transfigured the values and defects of an entire emotional epic poem. Endowed with all forms of creativity she exercised them equally with tenacity and with phenomenal success: from music to theatre, to television and filmmaking, with human character being a perpetual and endless stage on which everything could be enhanced or dampened in accordance with her creative streak and her lyrical feelings.

Within the great tradition of “Italian theatre”, musicals and plays are likewise pervaded by her words, Lina Wertmüller depicted characters with essential strokes that perfectly match the literary universe shaped by her great classical educational background. Recognizable, as is true of all great authors, Lina Wertmüller is among the very few Italians who have depicted us with joy and enthusiasm and not at all with a pitiable eye and she does not dwell on wretchedness. Heroic in mockery and in making jests because she is in love with each one of her characters. She is a master in offering quintessential images. Through her white-framed glasses frame she has looked at a world that is perhaps the world she carried in her heart and whose inhabitants have been admired and recognized by the whole world as being the authentic, true and perfect representations of the Italian people. For this reason she deserves to be acknowledged as an outstanding Italian woman. An unfailingly loyal friend who has always been capable of showing true affection.

Carla Fendi